Births...Need I Say More not just about bringing in       . it's also about empowerment & strength of a women. no longer
"      " in the word. for a
"             " she must be.




Your Birth Is "YouR" Transformation into motherhood!

As a Birth Photographer, I document the raw, unapologetic strength and beauty it takes to bring your baby into this world. Regardless of how you give birth...

"YOU" Are the author, And I'm just the "STORY TELLER". 

By capturing your birth story, I strive to honor and respect your birth space. Quiet & unobtrusive. You can even think of me as an added support during your birth (if you wish me to be).

The greatest love story is waiting to unfold, even in the midst of chaos, the journey is one you'll want to relive. And I want to be there, with you, as a witness and narrator of your story. 

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Ready to experience your birth story & embracing the "her" in the word "mother"?!

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Ready to experience your birth story & embracing the "her" in the word "mother"?!

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Erika French is a Phoenix/Glendale Birth Photographer. Celebrating Motherhood through Maternity, Birth, & Newborn Photography.
Birth, Maternity, & Newborn Photography available in Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Surprise, Avondale, Buckeye, and surrounding communities.